Media Release: People Experiencing Gambling Harms Call for Cashless Gambling Card

The Gambling Impact Society NSW (GIS), a consumer led health promotion charity, has released a position statement supporting the proposed cashless gambling card in NSW (refer Underpinning this statement is the research work of Dr. Kate Roberts (GIS Executive Officer), who recently completed her doctoral thesis based upon a collaborative research study undertaken with…

Gambling Impacts on Children

Are you concerned about the negative impacts of gambling on children & young people?

All interested parties are invited to come along to our AGM to hear a powerful presentation by Allison Keogh who was recently featured on the HOOPLA and various radio stations talking about the negative impact of gambling on children and young people based on her personal experiences

Senate Hearing

The GIS Executive Officer Kate Roberts attended the last minute Senate hearing for the Social Services and Other Amendments Bill 2013 on Monday evening December 9th 2013. This where the proposal to repeal the Gambling Acts of 2012 have been buried, passed though the Lower House and from Thursday this week we are likely to…