Building A Better Mouse Trap

In 2000, Australian Len Ainsworth, the founder of leading poker machine manufacturer – Ainsworth Game Technology, proudly stated that the secret to his company’s success is: “building a better mouse trap”.

Over the years, advances in science and technology have certainly resulted in the production of some insidiously impressive mouse-traps. Experts have demonstrated how features of electronic poker machines are designed to take advantage of certain chemical response in the human brain, to the point where pokies have been described as the “crack cocaine of gambling” and “electronic morphine”.

Continuing the proud tradition of developing a better mouse-trap, Ainsworth Game Technology recently announced “a new strategic partnership” with global video game developer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. who’s well known characters include the iconic Pac-Man brand.

Jason Lim, an Ainsworth executive said they were “thrilled” to have Bandai Namco as a partner and noted that: “this convergence of casino and video game developers will help us create innovative branded content and gaming entertainment for a new generation”.

Isn’t it comforting to know that our children will be able to transition smoothly from their video games at home to the pokies in pubs and clubs?

For a wonderful expose on how poker machines prey on human psychology and affect the brain, see the ABC documentary, Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation