It’s pleasing to see commentary throughout the media and government, on the ongoing issue that is Gambling Harm. The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation recently presented their new campaign targeted towards ‘Low Risk’ gamblers. Many media reports continue to highlight, particularly in NSW, the harm poker machines are doing to individuals, family and communities. As well as the awesome efforts of publicans and clubs breaking bonds with poker machines, proving that poker machines aren’t always the financial saviour they are made out to be.

Coles has come out to lead a campaign to lower maximum bets to $1 in their venues, whilst drawing attention to difficulties and barriers imposed by industry and manufacturers.

In our own back yard, Greens member and Upper House Representative – Justin Field MLC released data from the Department of Justice on Gambling turnover by LGA in NSW, see:

We remain ready to continue our work with Consumer Voices, which is yet to receive ongoing funding, and further our programs to assist Health Professionals in recognising people impacted by gambling.

I would also like to recognise the efforts of Law firm Maurice & Blackburn and Shonica Guy in their legal action against Crown Casino and Aristocrat. The ramifications of which we are yet to understated.


Leigh Mason
Chairperson, Gambling Impact Society NSW (inc)