Do Deposit Limits Impact Consumer Behaviour?

Recent research conducted by GambleAware UK involved a study of 1,700 users of gambling machines, with assistance from the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT). The study examined how behavioural tweaks in the form of deposit setting limits impacted player’s usage patterns. The information collected from this study will be used to generate new risk-reduction mechanisms for players in future.

The research evaluated the nature of current deposit limits, to find out how these limits impacted player behaviour with participants presented with three different options for deposit limit:

  • Presentation of the current deposit limit setting tool.
  • A dropdown menu with low-value deposit options capped at 250 pounds AND the inclusion of a text box allowing players to type their own amount.
  • No limit options, only the text box in which players type the amount to be deposited.

The results of the study indicated that reducing high-deposit options reduced the average daily deposit limit by nearly half when compared to groups of players who were not presented with any deposit limits prior to gaming. Overall, players were more likely to make lower deposits when given a free-text box than they were if presented with a pound value prior to starting gameplay.


  • (Control = Those with no limit presented)
  • (Treat 1 = Those with a lower deposit limit presented on screen)
  • (Treat 2 = Players allowed to type their preferred amount into a free-text box)

These changes results indicate that achievable and simple changes such as the presentation of free-text deposit limits at the outset of gameplay could assist in significant reductions in cash deposits for players.

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