Alfred – Consumer Voices

Consumer Voices is a Gambling Impact Society (NSW) education program to raise awareness of the issue of problem gambling in the community. Peer spokespeople have been trained to provide community education from the perspective of people who have been directly negatively impacted by problem gambling. These are people who have a meaningful story to tell.…

A Guide For Financial Counsellors

This guide is for financial counsellors working with clients who have gambling problems or are affected by problem gambling, such as family members.

Many clients who seek financial counselling are also struggling with serious financial, emotional, health and relationship problems related to problem gambling. It is also likely that they will not tell you about these problems unless you ask.

A Guide For Helping Professionals

This guide is for people who work in the “helping professions,” including addiction specialists, General Practitioners (GPs), social and health care providers, community and welfare service providers, workers in the legal and criminal justice system, pastoral care workers and employee assistance program counsellors.

A Self Help-Guide For Families

The aim of this self-help resource is to provide, what we hope, is a range of supportive information and ideas to assist families who may be struggling with the impacts of problem gambling.

The 2010 Productivity Commission’s Report into Gambling specifically identified the need for more self help information to be made available to individuals and family members affected by problem gambling in the community. We hope that this resource will contribute to meeting this need.

Facts & Myths

There are many myths, misunderstandings and superstitions surrounding gaming machines. But can you really improve your odds of winning? This movie dispels the most common myths, one by one, using entertaining and easy-to-understand visuals.

Problem Gambling Awareness Seminar

The GIS is pleased to be Hosting a Problem Gambling Awareness Seminar on May 21st at Wollongong University -Function Centre, Innovation Campus at FAIRY MEADOW. This is a lead in event for Responsible Gambling Awareness Week which commences the following week. We have great line up of speakers and this is a good opportunity to…